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  • June 25, 2019
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  • 2018 Macy's Contract Survey

    As you are probably aware, Macy's contract negotiations are fast approaching and in order for Local 1445 and your Macy's negotiating team to successfully achieve the best possible contract for YOU, WE NEED YOUR INPUT. Please answer the survey questions below honestly and to the best of your ability; required fields are labeled in red:

    2018 Macy's Contract Survey
    First name:
    Last Name: 8-digit Macy's ID:
    Email Address:
    Location or number: Date of hire:
    Department: Fulltime or Parttime:
    Hours per week:
    For the next questions, please indicate how important each issue is to you using a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 meaning "Completely unimportant" and 5 meaning "EXTREMELY IMPORTANT":
    1. Keep time-and-a-half for Sundays and holidays.
    2. Fix wage gap/compression as minimum wage increases.
    3. No caps or raise caps.
    4. Add company-wide bonus.
    5. Holiday pay for everyone with no cut-offs for certain holidays.
    6. Members should be able to put their PTO on the MA Safe Sick/PTO line themselves.
    7. PTO should be earned and available at the start of the fiscal year for everyone.
    8. Post schedules for support associates sooner.
    9. Increase the overnight shift differential.
    10. Allow members to select Fridays for preferred availability options.
    11. Add language to set schedules.
    12. Members should have first bids on days shifts over any on-call or flex associates.
    13. Add "9 AM to 1 PM" as morning shift type option when picking preferred schedules.
    14. Abolish the attendance credit system.
    15. Reduce the number of hours allowed for flex employees.
    16. No attendance credits deducted for being late in inclement weather.
    17. General wage increases to take effect in February for all stores.
    18. Pay out unused sick time.
    19. No grandfathering of benefits.
    20. Macy's employee discount available without Macy's credit card.
    21. Extra incentive for training new employees.
    22. Health insurance/Dental/Vision.
    What changes, if any, would you like to see in the health insurance? Dental? Vision? 
    23. If furniture is damaged during delivery and customer cancels the sale, Furniture members shouldn't lose that commission.
    24. Jewelry incentive commission scale should start at 1.5% (not 1%).
    25. No non-commission associates allowed to ring commission sales.
    26. Monthly wipeouts for Draw v Commission.
    27. For Cosmetics associates: 3% commission on all lines.
    28. For Cosmetics associates: All seniority groups to remain the same.
    29. Shoe Department: Better ratio of shoe expeditors to salespeople.
    30. Shoe Department: No runners/expeditors in stores where there are none currently.

    What general wage increases would you like to see for each year of the agreement?

    1st year:   2nd year:   3rd year: 

    Do you feel you are valued by store management? 
     Yes   No 

    Is work safety an issue in your store? 
     Yes   No
    ALL MEMBERS - State as simply as possible any additional changes you would like to see in your new contract: 

    If if became ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, would you be willing to strike? 
    YES   NO 

    Enter the text shown in the image above.

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